how to say “scrambled egg” in Hebrew

[audioclip url=”מקושקשת-1.m4a” /]בֵּיצָה מְקֻשְׁקֶשֶת


scrambled egg -ביצה מקושקשת


We’ve seen that the active-intensive פיעל verb לקשקש[audioclip url=”מקושקשת-2.m4a” /] means to scribble or to talk about nothing in particular. When cooking, this word can also refer to scrambling something such as an egg.

Thus a scrambled egg is ביצה מקושקשת[audioclip url=”מקושקשת-1.m4a” /], as in:

[audioclip url=”מקושקשת-3.m4a” /]תכין לי בבקשה ביצה מקושקשת.

Make me a scrambled egg, please. (to a male)

מקושקשת[audioclip url=”מקושקשת-4.m4a” /] is a passive-intensive פועל form of לקשקש.

Israelis don’t speak of scrambled eggs in the plural – only in the singular.

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