how to say “casting” in Hebrew

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Most of Israeli music today comes from individual artists. In previous decades, however, the band dominated the radio and musical events.

The Hebrew word for band is להקה
, also the word for a group of animals: להקת זאבים
is a pack of wolves, להקת חסידות
is a flock of cranes, etc. In all these examples there’s a banding together.

Likewise, the Modern-Hebrew word for casting (banding together the cast of actors for a movie or play) is ליהוק

For example:

הליהוק לסדרה פאודה מאוד מוצלחת.

The casting for the series Fauda is very successful.

You may have noticed that the root of להקה and ליהוק – the three letters ל.ה.ק
– are the same as that of קהל
audience and קהילה
congregation, ק.ה.ל.
I suspect they’re more than related, and I explain why in today’s video:



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Hebrew beginners

Watch with English captions a few times, then with Hebrew captions, then without captions, and see what you understand.

Intermediate learners

Watch without captions, pausing to write down what you hear (even if it sounds like gibberish). Then watch with Hebrew captions to correct yourself. Then with English to confirm you understood everything.

Advanced learners

Watch without captions, then with Hebrew captions, then with English as necessary.

תעתיק של הכתוביות בעברית

אהלן חברים
השורש של המילה “ליהוק”
הוא ל.ה.ק
והשורש של “קהל” ו”קהילה”
הוא ק.ה.ל
אותן אותיות, רק בסדר אחר
או סדר הפוך, אפשר להגיד
אני משוכנע שהשורשים האלה הם לא רק דומים
אלא אפילו כמעט זהים
ובטעות האותיות האלה סולפו
למה? כי המילה “להקה” מופיעה
פעם אחת בתנ”ך
השורש הזה ל.ה.ק
מופיע פעם אחת בתנ”ך
ושם בהקשר של התקהלות
טוב, זהו חברים, להתראות

Transcript of English subtitles

Hi friends
the root of the word ליהוק – casting
and להקה – band
is ל.ה.ק
and the root of קהל – audience and קהילה – community
is ק.ה.ל
same letters, only in a different order
or in reverse order, you could say
I am convinced that these roots are not only similar
but even almost identical
and by mistake these letters were switched
why? because the word להקה appears
only once in the Bible
this root ל.ה.ק
appears once in the Bible
and there in the context of gathering
okay, that’s all friends, see you later

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