daily video – how to say “to get a tan” in Hebrew

To slow down the audio or to turn on captions (CC), start playing the video and then click the settings icon ⚙️.


Hebrew beginners

Watch with English captions a few times, then with Hebrew captions, then without captions, and see what you understand.

Intermediate learners

Watch without captions, pausing to write down what you hear (even if it sounds like gibberish). Then watch with Hebrew captions to correct yourself. Then with English to confirm you understood everything.

Advanced learners

Watch without captions, then with Hebrew captions, then with English as necessary.

תעתיק של הכתוביות בעברית

אהלן חברים
יש קרם שיזוף
ויש קרם הגנה
ולפעמים הם אותו קרם
תלוי איך מסתכלים על זה
תכל’ס אנשים רוצים
גם להגן על העור שלהם
מהקרינה של השמש
וגם שיהיה להם לוק יפה וקיצי
טוב, תהנו מסוף הקיץ


Transcript of English subtitles

Hi friends
there’s suntan lotion
and there’s sunscreen
and sometimes they are the same cream
depending on how you look at it
bottom line, people want
to protect their skin
from the sun’s radiation
as well as to have a beautiful, summery look
okay, enjoy the end of the summer
see you later

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