how to say “it’s on me!” in Hebrew

[audioclip url=”עלי-1.m4a” /]עָלַי!

An essential Hebrew preposition is על[audioclip url=”עלי-2.m4a” /] – on, as in:

[audioclip url=”עלי-9.m4a” /]שב על התחת!

Sit on your butt! (to a boy)

על can be found everywhere in Hebrew texts from biblical to modern. Its more ancient full version עלי[audioclip url=”עלי-3.m4a” /] appears in its pure form only in poetry. But in its declined form, it appears everywhere as well:

עליך[audioclip url=”עלי-4.m4a” /] – on you (masculine)

עלייך[audioclip url=”עלי-5.m4a” /] – on you (feminine)

!שלום עליכם[audioclip url=”עלי-6.m4a” /] – a traditional form of hello! – literally, peace be upon you (plural)

And then there’s עלי[audioclip url=”עלי-1.m4a” /] – on me.

For example:

[audioclip url=”עלי-7.m4a” /]ארוחת ערב – עלי!

Dinner – on me!

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